Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chief Dr Ivor Miller and Chief (Mrs.) Anni Offiong on CRBC Television Calabar Nigeria 2012

 Chief Dr Ivor Miller and Chief (Mrs.) Anni Offiong on  CRBC Television Calabar Nigeria 2012

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Chief Dr. Ivor Miller talks about  the first ever Èkpé festival held in Cuba in May of 2011. In this interview he shares with us the significance of archives outside of Africa that preserve the rich, valuable history of Èkpé culture and displays rare late nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs of Old Calabar courtesy of the Eliot Elisofon photographic archives, National Museum of African Art, Washington D.C..  Chief Dr. Millers  exhaustive field work in Nigeria and Cameroon and his commitment to the culture allow him to shed  light on many important details about these rare photographs never before documented.

 I would also like to remind everyone that has not already purchased a copy of Chief Dr. Millers book " The Voice of The Leopard: African Secret Societies in Cuba(University of Mississippi Press)2009, you can now find it on paperback. The book describes Cross River and Èkpé history with great attention to  detail in the words of Chief Dr. Miller, elder Cuban Abakuá members and elder Èkpé men from the Cross River region.

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