Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dr. Ivor Miller On Greenpeace Radio Oct.3rd 2011

Dr. Ivor Miller On Greenpeace Radio Oct.3rd 2011

Kert Davies interviews Dr. Ivor Miller for Greenpeace Radio. He speaks about Afro Cuban culture and the environmental impact of a modern world on the forests of ancestral Èkpé lands in Nigeria and Cameroon. This is an uninterrupted version of the riginal Greenpeace radio podcast featuring the music of Arsenio Rodriguez, Celia Cruz, Enyenison Enkama and Victor Herrera. You will also hear a rare recording from Lydia Cabrera's archives later released on Smithsonian Folkways. Please enjoy.

Abasi Menguame,

Onel Mulet

for Ndibo Yevengo.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nunkue Ayaya!! An Homage to the Morua!!!

In the deep heritage of Ekpé legend exists a perfectly balanced ritual lineage that preserves the richness of the Qua, Efik, Efut, and Ejagham. Wrapped in this womb are the traditions of the Ekpé societies and their sister Ndem societies. Careful stewards of both sides of the Kalunga line they are ensuring the survival of this profoundly rich cultural treasure trove for generations to come.

Last week thanks in great part to the generous help of Martin, Vivian, and Matt Cohen with the help of Javier Raez and Ben Baurer we were able to explore these very spiritual connections and pay homage to the Morua by joining the enormous talents and profound knowledge of both Maobong Oku and Roman Diaz in this piece so eloquently presented by Dr. Ivor Miller. Enjoy and thanks to all who have tuned in to Ene Ita's radio broadcasts with Dr. Miller and the re-broadcasts on Cuba Calabar Radio. More to come.

Abasi Menguame,

Onel Mulet

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sese Mariba Kondo:"The Voice That Comes From The Sea"

In April Enyenison Enkama performed a spectacular set at the Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture. The enthusiastic crowd received the group with love and admiration as it revealed the traditional Abakuá masquerade and sang songs of praise for their comrades, the ancestors and the traditions that were brought from Ekpé lands in southeast, Nigeria and southwest Cameroon. Our dear friend inventor, entrepreneur and professional photographer Martin Cohen captured these images posted on his blog. Cuban photographer Juan Caballero was there and captured these brilliant images. Cuban filmmaker and author Aristides Falcon also documented the event and video footage of the concert will be posted very soon. Download Ecobio Enyenison, the latest release by Enyenison Enkama(Roman Diaz, Angel Guerrero, Pedro Martinez) at the iTunes store.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ekpe Masquerade

I missed carnaval in Calabar this year, and this video reminds me of the stark majesty and power of Ekpe masquerades. The different Ekpe masquerades bring together the communities of the Cross river and it's diaspora year after year in honor of their common ancestors and Ekpe culture at large; transcending distance and time in the retelling of the founding traditions of Ekpe resonating with the voice.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Kings Day: Abakuá day in Cuba

Three Kings Day circa 1850 painted by the french painter Frederic Mialhe.

Happy New Year!!! January 6th is Abakuá day in Cuba. On this day all the different cabildos and Abakuá lodges celebrate their different traditions, dances and masquerades during colonial times. It symbolized a subtle demonstration of power and numbers where the colonial governor would give the aguinaldo or the offering of gold pieces to each of the cabildos and lodges. They used their earnings to buy the freedom of captive brothers and sisters in bondage. For the Abakuá it is also one of the best examples of synthesis that laid the groundwork for a very sophisticated culture of resistance and adaptation.