Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nunkue Ayaya!! An Homage to the Morua!!!

In the deep heritage of Ekpé legend exists a perfectly balanced ritual lineage that preserves the richness of the Qua, Efik, Efut, and Ejagham. Wrapped in this womb are the traditions of the Ekpé societies and their sister Ndem societies. Careful stewards of both sides of the Kalunga line they are ensuring the survival of this profoundly rich cultural treasure trove for generations to come.

Last week thanks in great part to the generous help of Martin, Vivian, and Matt Cohen with the help of Javier Raez and Ben Baurer we were able to explore these very spiritual connections and pay homage to the Morua by joining the enormous talents and profound knowledge of both Maobong Oku and Roman Diaz in this piece so eloquently presented by Dr. Ivor Miller. Enjoy and thanks to all who have tuned in to Ene Ita's radio broadcasts with Dr. Miller and the re-broadcasts on Cuba Calabar Radio. More to come.

Abasi Menguame,

Onel Mulet

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