Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bate Nico Music video from Cameroon.

Happy New Year!!. I have been wanting to get some of these videos from Calabar , Nigeria and Cameroon on here lately and here it is. Finally!. I hope you all enjoy it. I remind all of you to please check out the Cuba Calabar Radio podcast and make sure to subscribe for constant streaming of Cuban abakuá and African Ekpé music.

About Bate Nico:

Bate Nico and Nkongho Regina his wife are Manyu Born Folklore Artist and hail from Kembong and Ossing(cameroon) respectively.They have been in the entertainment industry since 1990 and are now one of the most charming, dedicated Manyu rising stars and folklore Singers.

They have since recorded 3 Albums in Kenyang and Ejagham. Their imagination,creativity, and a combination of blended taditional and cultural lead vocals / local musical intruments thril thousands of fans everyday. Some of their popular tracks include if man no die,mmon aree mmon, wube bi zi eba. Nyen a nob, Ndaack.

It should be noted that Bate Nico was classified as the best folklore Singer in 2006 by the " Amongst Youth Magazine".


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