Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okim Agbor Esija "The True Essence"

Okim Agbor Esija. Interview by Dr. (Chief) Ivor Miller with H.H. Okim Agbor Esija, Clan head of Ikom, Village head of Abokim Ngbabor, Ikom Town. February, 2008.

Chief Agbor Esija introduces himself, then explains what the term 'brikamo' means in the Nkòmè language spoken by the people of Ikom urban. Among Cuban Abakuá, 'bríkamo'is a reference to 'the real origin', the sacred land of Usagaré. While visiting this chief, I heard the term 'bríkamo' in reference to palm wine, and the local gin made from it, used to pour libations to the ancestors. 'Brikamo' means 'the real one', the best quality drink, or, 'the essence of' the drink used by Ékpè. One can see how this term would become used in Cuba to mean 'the essence of Abakuá'.

Since Chief Esija passed away in April of 2008, we are posting this five minute video in his memory, and so that Cuban Abakuá can learn about the culture of the source region of their own traditions.

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